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Mike Tyson News: Mike Tyson vs Danny Williams result

Posted on Friday, July 30, 2004 @ 21:20:24 UTC by tysonian
Unheralded heavyweight Danny Williams shockingly beat Mike Tyson Friday night at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. Williams, a 9-1 underdog, chose to trade punches with Tyson and that strategy looked to be a mistake when Iron Mike rocked him several times with left hooks and right uppercuts in the opening stanza. Both fighters landed good shots in round two, then Williams (32-3, 27 KOs) was deducted two points in round three by referee Dennis Alfred for hitting on the break and a low blow, however Tyson (50-5, 44 KOs) was cut over the right eye from an unintentional headbutt and seemed to be tiring. In round four, Williams took control, finally dropping Tyson with a vicious barrage of punches. A dazed Tyson was unable to beat the count. Time was 2:51. Tyson left the ring without comment. Williams said he's looking for a title shot or a rematch with Tyson. He also proposed to his girlfriend (who accepted). After the fight, Tyson advisor Shelly Finkel stated that Tyson twisted his left knee in the first round, not allowing him to get the leverage he wanted on his punches. Trainer Freddie Roach said the 265lb Williams wore out the 38-year-old Tyson and stated that at this point Tyson's future is unclear.

Danny Williams was first into the ring for his clash with Mike Tyson at Louisville's Freedom Hall.

There were no obvious signs of nerves on the face of Williams who warmed up while his opponent was introduced.

Tyson was given a rapturous welcome by a near sell-out 17,000 crowd and prowled about in his trademark all-black shorts as announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr made the introductions.

Williams' immediate goal was to avoid a fast first round exit - a fate which had befallen almost half of Tyson's previous 50 victims including the last - Clifford Etienne - who hung around for 49 seconds last year.

Williams threw first with a left that missed and was unfazed when Tyson bullied him back into a corner to trade.

The underdog managed to land a good right-hand before getting out of danger and attempting to get to the centre of the ring.

But Tyson landed a crashing four-punch combination which ended with a left hook which wobbled Williams.

The Briton did brilliantly to hold on under more Tyson pressure with Tyson almost entirely reliant on crashing left uppercuts.

Williams wobbled his way back to the corner at the end of the first round but he had already exceeded many expectations.

That was not enough for Williams who went on the attack early in the second and landed a superb straight left which briefly stopped Tyson in his tracks.

As the crowd roared their approval Williams then came off equal again following a frantic exchange with his back against the corner post.

Williams was exceeding expectations but was deducted a point by referee Dennis Alfred early in the third following a clash which left Tyson cut over his right eye.

But after another exchange Williams was cautioned again for apparently punching low.

Undaunted Williams pushed forward again and landed three clean right hands to Tyson's temple, completely unfazed by the former champion's reputation.

Tyson tried to step things up at the start of the fourth with a swinging hook from either hand but his clean work diminished as both men tired through the fourth.

Williams stepped it up and landed punch after unanswered punch as Tyson stood with his guard down.

Finally a right hand dumped Tyson back into the ropes and he crumpled backwards to be counted out and give Williams a sensational win.

Mike Tyson (L) receives instruction from his trainer Freddie Roach before his heavyweight fight against Danny Williams of Great Britain in Louisville, July 30, 2004.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, exchanges punches with Danny Williams, right, from London, England during the second round of their scheduled 10 round bout in Louisville, Ky., Friday, July 30, 2004.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, left, lands a left jab to the head of Danny Williams, right, from London, England during the first round of their scheduled 10 round bout in Louisville, Ky., Friday, July 30, 2004.

Mike Tyson looks at the referee as blood from a cut caused by an incidental head-butt streams down his face during action of his bout with Danny Williams Friday, July 30, 2004 at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky.

Mike Tyson of the United States bleeds from a cut over his right eye during his heavyweight fight with Danny Williams of Great Britain in Louisville, July 30, 2004.

Mike Tyson is worked on by his cornermen during his fight against Danny Williams of Great Britain in Louisville, July 30, 2004.

Danny Williams, left, delivers a blow to the head of Mike Tyson during their bout Friday, July 30, 2004, at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky.

Former Heavy Weight Champion of the World Mike Tyson is hold by referee as Danny Williams raises his arms in victory following Tyson's knock out at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Ky Friday July 30, 2004.

Sources: fightnews and sportinglife.com

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