It's Official, Tyson Will Fight Again In 2004!


Published: August 4, 2004

It has been reported to BoxingScene that Mike Tyson manager Shelly
Finkel is already planning another Tyson comeback and Top Rank head
honcho Bob Arum may lead the charge this time. Finkel said that Tyson
it’s a “done deal” for Tyson to fight again in either November or
December of 2004.

“Shelly called me and said, ‘We still want you to be involved. Tyson’s
going to fight. Would you be interested?’ Yes, I would be. I have a
plan, but the money is a lot different (from original 100 million
dollar deal prior to Williams loss).” said Arum

“The plan is to stop looking to milk the public with pay-per-view
shows. It’s to build up Tyson’s confidence. He has to fight marginal
opponents. Fight six or seven fights and get his confidence back, then
maybe a Williams rematch, then a top contender, then a shot at the
title. You follow the Foreman Plan.”

The “Foreman Plan” refers to the way Arum brought back George Foreman after his ten year retirement from the sport.

“I think Bob is really good at what he does. We spoke about it, and
we’ll see if there is a way to do it. I called Bob, and I’m interested.
I know the deal won’t be what it could have been before but we’ll try
to work out something good for Bob and good for Mike.” said Finkel

Source: boxingscene