Tyson-Williams Rematch Possible For 2004


Published: August 3, 2004

As Mike Tyson underwent successful arthroscopic surgery Williams’ promoter Frank Warren is telling the press that he wants to
stage a rematch between Mike Tyson and Danny Williams in the UK,
towards the end of 2004.

who earned about 8 million for his fight with Williams, is only keeping
around 2 million dollars of that purse. Tyson is still in debt for over
30 million dollars. Warren feels that if the fight is staged in the UK,
it will be beyond a mega event and the money involved for Tyson and
Williams would be huge.

Tyson who is in desperate need of money, can only pay back the millions he owes in one way, by fighting.

stated that since Williams’ upset over Tyson, the offers from other
heavyweights to fight Williams have been coming in from every corner of
the division. Warren and Williams are going to hold out for Tyson’s
decison on a rematch for later this year.

Source: boxingscene