Mike Tyson To Undergo Surgery Today To Repair Torn Knee Cartilage


Published: August 2, 2004

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson is havingt arthroscopic knee surgery today to repair the torn meniscus he sustained in the first round of his fight with Danny Williams on Saturday.

Tyson motioned to his knee during the opening round,
before the fourth round knockout from the Brixton-born

Richard Emerson, former team doctor for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, diagnosed the complex lateral meniscus tear after evaluating the MRI and examining Tyson’s knee. He is performing the surgery.

“I’m shocked Mike was able to box for three more rounds,” said Richard Emerson.

Tyson’s manager Shelley Finkel added: “It explains a lot.”

Finkel added: “Once he lost the ability to pivot, turn, or move laterally, much less put pressure on his left
leg, he lost the ability to throw anymore meaningful right hands which had been so effective up to the point of the injury.”

Emerson also confirmed that Tyson would have found movement difficult.

“Under normal circumstances the pain and locking that
occurs with this injury would make it impossible for the athlete to
continue,” he said.

“He would have to be taken out of the game or the boxing match on a stretcher or with assistance.”

Sources: foxsport and bbc