Published: July 24, 2004

Former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Danny Williams has vowed to rise to the occasion when he steps into the ring with Mike Tyson on July 30.

Williams has been found out against superior opposition in the past, but the Brixton bomber insists he is capable of beating a former champion who is past his best.

“I think he is one of the greatest heavyweights ever to live, but now I believe he is ready for the taking,” said the 31-year-old.

“Obviously Mike is not the fighter he used to be – I would say he is about 40 percent. He has been out of the ring for 16 to 17 months and I believe I an going to take him out.”

Now back with his long-time trainer Jim McDonnell and original promoter Frank Warren, Williams says he is in the shape of his life.

“Whatever happens I will be ready and I will adjust. For many of my fights in England I am always the favourite and I am never performing at the highest level.

“The guys I am boxing are raising their game to fight me and I am bringing my game down to them. This time I will actually fight somebody who is rated above me.

“So I am going to raise my game to the occasion. I am ready for what he brings. I will be 100 percent focused. You have to remember how big an opportunity this fight is for me.”

Source: skysports