Roach: ''I'd sit out Tyson v Toney''


Published: July 15, 2004

Internationally renowned trainer Freddie Roach said if a fight was made between his two marquee heavyweight boxers, Mike Tyson and James Toney, he would most likely step aside and train neither for that one fight.

The clash of the two baddest men in the division is one of the most exciting potential match-ups out there, and it could happen.

“Both of them have talked to me about it,” Roach admitted. “Both Mike and James want that fight. James thinks he’d beat Tyson and Mike told me just the other day he’d knock “that light-heavyweight” out in three rounds.

“There’s a lot of talk going around about this fight but I’d rather it didn’t happen. I’m friends with both and I wouldn’t like to lose a friend. I’ve close with both guys, I like they both a lot I’d probably sit it out completely. That’s what my mentor, Eddie Futch, did when Michael Spinks fought Larry Holmes the first time.”

Asked to pick a winner, Roach, noted for his straight-talking, went for Tyson, big time.

He said: “It’d be the same as with Antonio Tarver. Different styles but the same results – Mike would knock them both out. Tarver and James aren’t strong enough to keep Mike off them, they are too small.

“I’ve love for either of my guys to get Tarver instead.”

By Anthony Evans

Source: secondsout