Chasteen to fight on Tyson card


Published: July 15, 2004

LOUISVILLE – After 28 professional fights, Russell Chasteen is going to step into the bright lights and big time.

Chasteen, of Crestwood, will continue his heavyweight boxing career as part of the Mike Tyson/Danny Williams undercard July 30 at Freedom Hall.

Chasteen’s fight will be one of at least eight bouts highlighted by the Tyson fight and a bout featuring Laila Ali, daughter of former world champion and Louisville native Muhammad Ali.

“The promoters called Sunday and told us we had a spot on the card,” Chasteen said. “It’s going to be an eight or 10-round fight.”

The fight is being promoted by Straight Out Promotions which began the work to bring the controversial Tyson to Louisville last winter. Chasteen has fought on several Straight Out sponsored fight cards during his career. Ticket sales have been brisk so far and can be purchases at the Freedom Hall ticket office or through Ticketmaster.

“We’ve done three or four big shows and six or so club fights with them and always been treated great,” Chasteen said.

Chasteen’s opponent has not been named as of yet but the most likely foe is George Limberger of Dayton, Ohio. The 6-foot-6, 260-pound Limberger holds a pair of boxing belts and the fight will likely be for one.

Chasteen and Limberger have been on the block before, but have seen the fights cancelled before anything was signed.

“He’s dodged me a couple of times before,” Chasteen said. “He’s a big guy with a pretty good record.”

The 6-foot-4, 270-pound Chasteen said he has been in the gym all summer and plans to have his weight down in the 250-pound range by fight time.

“I’ve been doing a lot of roadwork plus I have my grass cutting business up and running and have been out every day doing that,” Chasteen said. “I feel good right now. By fight time I will have had four really good weeks in the gym too and that is more than enough to get ready.”

Chasteen is 20-8 in his career. He lost a split decision to Sean Robinson in his last fight at Broadbent Arena in March. The chance to fight in Louisville on an international card is the biggest step of his career.

“The most exciting thing is the chance to fight in front of maybe 20,000 people,” Chasteen said. “Being on the card with Laila Ali and Mike Tyson is a once in a lifetime chance for me. I will get to introduce myself to Louisville, Kentucky. That’s plenty of incentive to be at my best right there.”

By Mickey Patterson

Source: oldhamera