Tyson's cast iron in Kentucky


Published: July 15, 2004

Bookies Victor Chandler make Iron Mike Tyson a prohibitive 1/14 to steamroll through the challenge of Britain’s Danny Williams in Louisville at the end of the month. The match up between Tyson and the former British heavyweight champion has raised the eyebrows of many a fight fan but Chandler’s boxing compiler Ted Baker said that there’ll be no more surprises once the opening bell tolls on July 30.

“You’ve got to fancy Tyson to go looking for an early finish, that’s his style and he isn’t going to change now,” said Baker.

“Apart from a lucky punch Williams cannot possibly win this.”

Williams is expected to be the first of a series of opponents for Tyson – culminating in a crack at a world title as the Brooklyn man attempts to wipe out debts of more than $35 million.

Brixtonian Williams is a 13/2 chance to throw a massive spanner in Tyson’s route back to financial stability.

Baker pointed to Williams’ record of being knocked out only once as the only positive in the Briton’s favour.

“Williams has only ever been knocked out once so he may be able to last those first few rounds and just plod on to the end.”

Tyson’s fight record reads won 50 (43 KOs), lost 4 compared to Williams’ won 31 (26 KOs), lost 3.

Fight odds: Tyson 1/14, Williams 13/2, draw 33/1.

Source: boxing-central