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"I look forward to coming back again. I've lost more than I've won in life, so, believe me, I'm pretty much understanding of the situation and I can deal with it. I can deal with adversity."

~ Mike Tyson after the Buster Douglas Match

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Mike Tyson News: Tyson vs Rickson in Japan?

Posted on Friday, December 26, 2003 @ 20:26:19 UTC by viper
Thursday, December 25 2003 By Joe Koizumi

An influential Japanese sports paper has reported on the front page on the Christmas Eve edition that Mike Tyson would battle Brazilian jujitsu expert Rickson Gracie in Japan next spring.

The Japanese K-1 group plans a final fight of the legendary judoka Rickson (pronounced Hickson) taking place against Iron Mike.

Rickson has been unbeaten in more than 400 battles, having defeated nine wrestlers or K-l battlers here in Japan. The detailed report said that the planned Tyson vs. Gracie bout would be the historically biggest K-1 event ever. Not only Rickson but the winner of ex-sumo grand champ Akebono and K-1 battler Bob Sapp on December 31 is anticipating a sensational encounter with Tyson here.

Is it true that Mike Tyson will face such a jujitsu expert as the formidable Rickson?

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